Mini-farms for rabbits

Rabbit breeding

Mini-farms for rabbits


Our company produces more than 60 different models of mini-farms for rabbits.
Some of them are presented here 

The most popular are the following mini-farms: Rabbitax 8 Standard, Rabbitax 8 Improved,
 mini-farm rabbit

Rabbitax 8 Decor. These main models also have some variations.

These farms are made of needle wood and are incased in birch plywood.
Rabbitax 8 is a farm with 8 departments. 6 rabbits can live in one department at the same time.

Rabbitax 8 has the following functions:

  • ·       Nest boxes – 2 units;
  • ·       Nipple water bowls; heating of water in the cold season; anti-souring function of water  in summer; the function of providing water from the container;
  • ·       Feeders – inside or outside – depending on the model of mini-farm;
  • ·       Floors that can be replaced;
  • ·       Bunker system for collection of wastes;
  • ·       Hermetic container for wastes collection;
  • ·       Compulsory system of ventilation that protects rabbits from harmful gasses that can appear as the result of bacteria that develop in the wastes (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, carbon dioxide);
  • ·       Protection from flies and mosquitoes – the main carriers of viruses;
  • ·       Protection from draughts and moisture
  • ·       Protection from cross rain; snowstorm.

Rabbitax 8 Standard  is covered in one layer with textured lacquer.

Rabbitax 8  Improved is covered in 4 layers with the enamel and ship paints.

Has the decorative roof and the improved fittings (joints, holders, catch bolts, etc.)
 rabbit cage

is the most improved and popular modelthe best variant of Rabbitax 8 Improved )
This model of mini-farm has the outside and inside feeders, water supply is provided for every department separately.

Cages for rabbits Rabbitax are absolutely unique; they have no analogues in the world!
These constructions are eco-systems where rabbits live with comfort.
Such equipment for rabbit breeding provides human conditions for animals.
There is no smell on the farm with Rabbitax constructions.

This equipment shows the high culture of the rabbit breeder and his positive  attitude to animals.

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